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Antaisolar Brand Conference Inaugurates a New Journey

The Asia Solar 2020 was held in Hangzhou, China, from October 27th to 28th. On the occasion of the forum, the Antaisolar Invisible Brand Conference and the Brand Upgrade Press Conference were held at the same time. Antaisolar CEO Jasmine Huang, Senior Vice President Patrick Guo, Vice President Hannah Chen, Deputy GM Amy Kou, as well as many PV industry peers and news media gathered together to witness this important moment of Antaisolar's new journey.

Visually Stunning Brand Introduction Video

On the evening of October 27th, the Invisible Brand Conference opened with a video, which unfolded the suspense of the "invisible". Started from the spirit of ants, Antaisolar compared itself to the "ant in the PV industry", resonating with countless industry peers. It is the first time that domestic PV company has used IP image to build its own brand. Once unveiled, it left a deep impression on people.

Eye-catching Solar Tracker Dance Ignited the Scene

Thanks to the efforts of the Antaisolar R&D team, the solar tracker that moved with the rhythm of the music immediately ignited the scene, offering a shocking visual feast to the audiences.

Unveilling New Brand Positioning of Antaisolar

This time, Antaisolar not only upgraded its brand image, but also released a new brand positioning and corporate strategy. After months of planning, Antaisolar’s new logo is finally released. It is a combination of ANT (ant) and AI which extracted from the brand name of ANTAI. The word, AI, not only symbolizes Antaisolar’s aluminum alloy material technology (chemical symbol AI), but also symbolizes the future direction of Antaisolar's R&D — artificial intelligence. Besides, our teams' down-to-earth, diligent, united and dedicated spirit are similar to the characteristics of ant. Therefore, the PV ant has been selected as the new brand visual image of Antaisolar.

In addition, Antaisolar's spokesman said that the new brand positioning “Expert in Hard&Core Technology for Solar Supporting System” aims at improving the impression of solar racking, enabling more people be aware of the advanced technology of solar racking and encouraging peers to jointly stride into the new era of high-end PV.

The 20-minute brand strategy speech showcased the "invisible" story of Antaisolar and put an perfect end to the brand conference.

Remarkable Brand Strategy Upgrade Press Conference

On the morning of the 28th, the Antaisolar Brand Strategy Upgrade Press Conference was held. Dozens of PV media including Energy Magazine, PVMen, IN-EN, and Solar Energy Magazine participated in the meeting. At the meeting, Antaisolar CEO Jasmine Huang said that Antaisolar changed its usual low-key style and hoped the industry will remember this hard-working "PV ant" through the brand upgrade and also hoped that more industry talents will join Antaisolar  to build an "ant nest" together and contribute to the rise of China's PV industry.

After the meeting, Antaisolar General Manager Shita Huang, Senior Vice President Patrick Guo, and Deputy GM Amy Kou received exclusive interviews with BJX, IN-EN and Solarbe and showing the diverse technological innovation charms of Antaisolar from different perspectives.

Solar rackings are not only the bones of the PV plant, but also represent the backbone of the solar world. Taking the brand upgrade as an opportunity, Antaisolar will further reposition its brand, with the vision of "Chinese Backbone for Solar World". We will always regarding market as the orientation, clients demand as the core, continuous focusing on R&D and products improvement, and striving to provide high-end customized solar solutions for global clients. The new journey has begun, and Antaisolar will gradually be "visible" around the world.



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