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Antaisolar provided roof mounting system for a gas station in Philippines

Gas station roof turned into PV power station


Antaisolar provided roof mounting system for a gas station located in Antipolo, Philippines. This project was handled by SolarTech Renewable Solutions, who is the distributor of Antaisolar. Besides, this project is the first one after both sides achieving friendly cooperation. The 50KW roof project adopted L bracket and corresponding accessories with estimated annual power generation of 57,000kWh.


The installation of a distributed PV power generation system on the roof of the existing gas station can not only meet the electricity demand but also upload the surplus power generated by the PV power to the power grid, which is a new profit model for the existing gas station to help it create more benefits.


Successfully partnered with SolarTech Renewable Solutions


Antaisolar has long been committed to the global layout. With the rapid growth of business volume, Antaisolar have been successfully provided solar rackings for utility projects such as hospitals, schools, seaports and so on. Since then, it seems that cooperating with local distributors or agents to provide products more conveniently and efficiently has naturally become a must.


As the first solar racking enterprise of China to enter the Japanese market, Antaisolar will continue to focus on the countries and regions along the Belt and Roadwhile keeping deepening its mature market so as to become the superb enterprise in high-quality development of new energy. 



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